Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kadhi with no oil Bhajiyas, Moms version

One person who is always ready to try less oil recipes of mine is my mother in law. I have learnt some really delicious Punjabi recipes from her. Here are the pics of the almost no oil bhajiyas used in kadhi.

1. Aeration process. More aerated batter leads to puffier bhajiyas.

2. She used potatoes and the masala in the batter. She also used one pinch soda to make the bhajiyas softer.

3. Putting the bhajiyas on the non stick pan and covering them so that they get cooked evenly.

4. The puffed up evenly cooked bhajiyas.

5. Nicely crisped bhajiyas from both sides.

6. Adding them to the kadhi.

7. Offering food first to the creator. Awesome!!!.

Check out detailed recipe of this less oil Kadhi version with more pics here


  1. Dear Papa,

    App ne tho yeh kadhi khayee hai, I can only see the pics and imagine the taste.

    It looks so beautiful.



  2. I love how you offer food to God - its everything comfortable and good about home :-)

  3. Dear Rads,

    This is mom offering bhog to God. I love it too. In my husband's house its a tradition that first a separate thali will be served to god and only then we eat. During the meal the bhog is served to everyone and tell you what the taste is completely different and divine.



  4. Yes I noticed its your mother trying out the same recipe..its reall sweet how your entire family links on blog :-)

    That is such a nice tradition..I am very sure it will be much tastier..somehow just the love and thought going in na. Its like how the halwa at the gurdwara will always be the tastiest :-)