Thursday, January 8, 2009

The comforting morning breakfast.

There is something so comforting about breakfast. It is hard to put in words, but the feeling is secure, lazy and comforting, specially on weekends.

When you get up with no hurry in this world and with warm rays of sun you sip away your tea. My best and most comforting breakfast is bread and doubled fried egg with a cup of tea. Bread and egg is a healthy and wholesome meal in itself.

If you think about it, the egg symbolizes the whole world in a shell. It is a power packed food with all the good values.

There is also a special kind of breakfast which stir up mixed feeling in the heart, mixed, beautiful and of course oh so comforting feeling. The breakfast that you have sitting at the window, watching the heavy rain pour and sipping the hot tea away.

The beautiful smell of hot breakfast and aroma of tea is such a good start of a new day.

Good Morning world...have a great breakfast today.

So this is what my weekend breakfast looks like. How does your looks???

Two lovely eggs with green chili and little butter, dash of milk, salt and pepper cooked to perfection and served hot on 2 toasted bread accompanied with a cup of tea. Perfect absolutely perfect.

My lovely breakfast is ready.
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