Friday, January 1, 2010

Quick Lunch Party

What do you do when you have to arrange lunch on short notice?? When we were happily shopping with friends on 31 December, Puneet decided to invite on of his colleague who was visiting Muscat from sohar (which is quite far) for lunch. We came back late in night about 1:00 am and by the time we got up next morning it was already 10:00. Our guests were arriving by 12:30. So to prepare a lunch buffet for a family of 4 in 2 hours required some thinking. I decided on veg biryani which takes hardly an hour to be prepared and aloo parathas (as kids were there, they might say no to biryani but not to parathas for sure). For sweet dish fruit custard is sweet simple and easy to make.

I had prepared the biryani and parathas before hand. So when they arrived by 12:30 after all the roaming in the city my food was prepared. 20 minutes before serving the lunch, biryani was kept on the hotpot and 5 minutes before the pre-cooked parathas were grilled on tawa with ghee and served hot. So the lunch was served hot and delicious. Everything (including the hosts :)) were ready in 2 hours.

Click here for quick biryani receipe.
Click here for picture of veg biryani served in bhog thali.

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  1. i made the banana cake it was awsome im 10 years old i love baking and never made a cakae like this thnx alot