Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bulgur/Lapsi Upma

Today I made Bulgur Upma. Bulgur is like broken wheat and is also known as Lapsi upma in India. Its texture is thicker then rava.

There is a difference between Cracked wheat and Bulgur wheat - Cracked wheat is uncooked. Its just wheat seeds crushed into small pieces.

Where as

Bulgur wheat is basically whole wheat that has been washed, steamed, dehulled, parched or dry-cooled, cracked, then sifted into various forms

The story behind how Bulgur came into existence is interesting. As in Middle east there was scarcity of fuel, people steamed the wheat seeds and then dried them. These seeds when cooked took very less time to prepare. The method also kept the nutrients intact.

In 221 BCE the Qin Ruler in China banned Noodles because he thought that noodles made the character of men soft (read flabby and fat). So barely cooked grains and wheat porridge were given to toughen his countrymen for the struggle toward independence. During that time consumption of wheat swept through china and into Japan and India.

Here is how I make it to toughen myself and my man.


1. 1 cup bulgur wheat.

2. 1 onion finely chopped.

3. few curry leaves.

4. 1 tsp mustard seeds.

5. Few french beans finely chopped.

6. 1 potato finely chopped and microwaved. Put it in a container and microwave for 3 minutes, then shakes so that the pieces move well and gain microwave for 2 minutes.

7. 1 tsp oil.

8. Salt to taste

9. 1 tsp sugar (optional).

10. 2 cups water.


1. In a pan add mustard see to the oil and let them splutter.

2. Add onions, curry leaves and french beans. Cook till onion changes it color.

3. Add Bulgur and stir fry it for 5 minutes or till the time it the color turn a little brown and you get the aroma.

4. Add in the potatoes.

5. Add salt and sugar.

6. Add water and cover for 5 minutes.

7. Bulgur cooks very fast. so keep an eye.


Do You Know - Bulgur is very high in Fiber and also rich in "B" vitamins, iron, phosphorous and manganese,


  1. broken wheats is called dailya..and it looks like daliya..?it is made in sweet i correct shiva?

  2. Dear Anamika,

    Yeh cracked wheat or broken wheat is daliya. Bulgur is also cracked wheat but the difference is that it is steamed and then crushed.

    I make it as upma. You can also make it sweet but this version is not sweet.

    Because bulgur is grainier in nature its complex carbohydrate and has a low GI.

    Have a great day ahead.



  3. I have seen bulgar wheat in stores but never tried it...but after seeing ur interesting post about bulgar n ur tasty recipe...feel like trying...u have a lovely space with nice recipes


  4. Dear Satya,

    I am glad you liked the recipe and I am happy to know you liked my space too.

    You have a lovely blog. I will be visiting it frequently now :)

    Have a great day ahead.



  5. where in india can you buy bulgur? and how is it called in hindi?

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Bulgur is called as Lapsi or godhuma upma in India. You can get it at any grocery store.