Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Homemade Paneer

Making paneer at home is very simple. The trick to make soft paneer is to use curd instead of just lemon to curdle the milk.


1. 1 packet milk (you can take whole, skimmed, low fat)

2. 1 bow curd.


1. Heat the milk on gas and when it comes to boil add the curd to it.

2. The milk will curdle. If it is taking time then just add 1-2 drop of lemon but not more.

3. When the solid separates from water strain in muslin cloth.

4. Immediate pour cold water on the muslin cloth so that paneer becomes firm.

5. Nicely wrap in the cloth and make a ball and keep a heavy object on it for half an hour.

6. Unwrap from the muslin cloth and cut into pieces. Fresh Paneer is ready.